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Design Intangibles-Character, Style and Drama

Design Intangibles-Character, Style and Drama

Design Intangibles-Character, Style, and Drama

If it was this simple, professional designers could belong replaced by computers.

The unusual – Style, character, and drama can elevate a normal room to a category of its own. Design Intangibles-Character, Style and Drama


Style means following through with a consistency of design that ties all together all the elements in a room, the furniture, lighting, and floor coverings. You will achieve all this once you choose a style and stick to it. You may decide to do research on what inspires you in terms of color and patterns that may suit your house.


It is the distinctive touch that makes your room different from another that has the same wallpaper or wall color. It might be shown by the type of wallpaper you choose; the type of seat you will put in your space, the type of wall paneling, or even the type of ceiling. It is an individual’s choice, a choice that makes a room noteworthy.


Drama risks disapproval. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it can achieve stunning beauty and excitement. It’s strong, strong colors and even stronger unconventional patterns. False marble special effects. This can be a small space painted an intense color or a long highway with horizontal bands of rainbow colors.

Drama is the first word that comes to mind if you walk into a dining room painted red and bold in the furnishings of the same room. It is a design theme that takes chances.

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