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How to transform your house using paint

How to transform your house using paint

How to transform your house using paint

How to transform your house using paint

Don’t throw it away…give it  a paint lift

A friend recently called to ask what they could do to improve their space.

I said, paint it, of course.

Yes, you can paint that! There is so much you can rescue with paint around your house, curtains, floor, windows, cabinets, upholstery, lampshades just to name a few.

It is a gamble between staying power of the final result and how much work is involved. Sometimes a little risk is worth the gamble.

Paint that ugly dated item which is interfering with your design goal.

When the budget is tight and your need to make a change a paint lift is usually the dream solution.

Linen curtains are the best to be painted on. You can paint flowers, stripes and any other motif onto duvet covers, pillows.

How to transform your house using paint

Photo credits to:Anna Shvets

A fabric inspired painted design can be picked from any other pattern or element in the room. This will turn the chair from a lazy launching seat to the most favorite seat. You can use acrylic fabric paints and fine art brushes. Stencils can be used to trace the patterns on to the fabric by using colored pencils.

Take that shabby to fabulously chic chandelier even if it is outdated just make sure the area you are working in is well ventilated don’t forget to mask the working area. Oil based enamel paints give off strong fumes.

If the surfaces are too detailed to use brush use high performance spray gun.

A groovy look for lampshades. Updating a funky flea market find with a modern inspired. Don’t worry about stains. The important thing to remember is to apply paint evenly. Once you turn the bulb on the design will be back lit which reveal the patchy spots

Tip: If you want the shade to have a reflective value use silver or gold toned sprays. Water colors on thinned acrylic paints are great on linen.

So you have a plain chest of drawers that you bought out of a bargain and it’s no longer special? You can turn it into handsome accent piece by adding contrasting stripes to the wood finish.

The trick is to make the stripes using masking tape. When doing this let one color dry thoroughly before you mask the next stripe. Don’t forget that most wood furniture will require a protective finish.

Try your best to tape in long runs to save time when removing to see the final result lest you become grouchy from removing small pieces.

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