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Waterproof Quilted Mattress Protectors

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  • Machine Washable
  • Comfortable Cotton/Polyester Blend
  • Waterproof Design
  • Quilted Surface
  • Secure Fit
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Waterproof Quilted Mattress Protectors

Create a cozy sleeping space with help from waterproof quilted mattress protectors. The cushy cover fits directly over the mattress and under the bedsheets, offering added sleeping comfort and an important layer of protection. From the kid’s bedroom to Grandma’s guest room, the mattress protector makes a useful addition to any well-made bed.

Machine Washable

For easy home care. The quilted mattress protector is machine washed on extra hot (at 60 degrees C) and tumbled dried at low temperature. It can be hung out on the clothesline to dry on a warm sunny day.

Comfortable Cotton/Polyester Blend

Quilted mattress protectors are made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The mattress protector offers a dependable combination of softness and strength. The cover includes a 100% polyester knitted backside with a 190 gsm, along with a 100% polyester filling for an added measure of plush. Use the mattress protector year-round, from hot summers to cold winters. It creates not only soothing comfort but also reliable protection and peace of mind.

Waterproof Design

The mattress protector’s backside features a waterproof polyurethane (PU) coating. This functions as an effective barrier therefore helping to extend the life and overall quality of your mattress. The cover protects against messy spills, keeping your mattress free from unwanted odors and stains.

Quilted Surface

The waterproof mattress protector’s quilted surface offers soothing, soft-to-the-touch charm for enhanced restfulness. Soft and absorbent, yet breathable, the mattress protector remains comfortably cool for pleasant sleeping conditions, and quickly soaks up and evenly distributes liquids, keeping your mattress safe and dry on the other side.

Secure Fit

The waterproof quilted mattress protector fully wraps around the mattress to ensure a tight fit. It goes on easily and slips off in seconds for convenient washing as needed.

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